AI for your Sales

DATAR is an artificial intelligence platform for large-scale sales operations.

Machine intelligence has arrived

DATAR is a plug-&-play AI platform for sales operations with thousands of sellers. DATAR is specially designed for the consumer goods, hardware and pharma retail industries.


Plug-&-Play AI Platform

DATAR is a Plug-&-Play sales strategy platform focused in consumer goods companies and large scale distributors with a high number of customers.

DATAR’s automated artificial intelligence platform provides retailer-specific sales recommendations and strategies to grow your sales.


Grow your Sales with DATAR

DATAR solves complex sales challenges in mid-sized and large companies.


DATAR identifies market patterns and opportunities in the raw, structured and unstructured business transactions.


DATAR API easily and seamlessly integrates to your company’s selling software and operations.


DATAR algorithms provide sales recommendations, market intervetions and product portfolio expansion tailored for each of your company’s customer.


DATAR data pipeline processes business data securely and quickly, provide timely insights to improve your company’s operation.

DATAR: Automate your sales process


Visualization and analytics designed for executive and middle management positions. DATAR’s customizable and friendly interface allows to filter sales information, clusterize potential customers and find root-causes of underperformance.

Executive brief

DATAR provides distilled information for the executive team, including key performance sales indicators.  Generates macro insights and strategies that are automatically delivered to the executives once a day.

Sales Actionables

DATAR surveys and identifies market opportunities for each customer. It provides client-based sales recommendations, aiming to increase the sales volume and coverage. DATAR seamlessly integrates with the sales routine and legacy software.

Challenges solved by DATAR

I need visibility of expansion or contraction of each one of my customers segments and product categories.  
I need to implement actionable task to increase the efficiency of the sales process.

Director/ Sales Manager

I require detailed and accurate  performance information of each of the sellers under my management. I need to determine which sellers need my guidance and what kind. 

Supervisor /
Jefe de Ventas

I do not have a registry of sales for each one of my clients. 
I am not able to increase my sales because I do not know the exact needs and preferences of each potential client in my portfolio.


MarketEye: Retail execution platform 

Complementary to DATAR, we offer MarketEye: a retail execution mobile application. MarketEye offers visibility of your product offering in the sales point, including inventory, SOVI and status information.


Our Team

Alexis Platonoff Donoso

CEO / Co-founder

Data scientist and analytics manager passionate about automation and optimization of processes that generate value. Alexis also has extensive experience in consumer good companies in the areas of sales and marketing. He was awarded the first position in the Global Coca Cola Awards, in the service models optimization category in 2015.

Anjal Paul

CTO / Co-founder

With more than 10 years of experience, Anjan is a veteran in Data Engineering, Big Data and Cloud Computing. Anjan has experience developing data infrastructure for Fortune 200 companies in the US, Europe and India. He is a certified developer in leading technologies, such as IBM Watson, Amazon Redshift and Spark.

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